Pennington Arm Chair

The Pennington chair is a contemporary klismos chair with a shape more in keeping with the original klismos chair from the 5th century B.C. The chair is very modern in style and features a curved top rail and exaggerated T-shaped back that tapers to meet the seat. A welt-framed border flows across the curved top rail, around the angled ears and down each side of the tapered back. Exposed wood seat rails frame the tightly upholstered seat on the sides and around the curved back. Exposed wood arms, with a shaped angle that compliments the T-shape of the klismos back, are beautiful and functional. Saber shaped front leg posts and graceful, curved back leg posts are delicate in scale and compliment the sophisticated styling of this beautiful chair.

Outside Width 25"
Outside Depth 25.75"
Outside Height 37.25"
Seat Height 20.5" at crown - (Handcrafted product dimensions will vary)
Arm Height 25.75"
COM 3.25 yards plain 54" fabric