Key Largo Arm Chair

Our new Key Largo chairs feature a beautiful balance and blend of upholstery, exposed wood and cane. Inside back upholstery rolls over the top back rail. The tightly upholstered fabric is outlined with welt and framed on the inside by exposed wood back posts. The outside back is also framed on each side by the welt detail and the exposed wood back posts. The seat is tightly upholstered and is framed on each side by exposed wood side panels having finished cane inserts. . The armchair outer panels are taller than the side chair. The cane is on both the inside and the outside of the panels. The front tapered legs flow off the front of the side panels. The side panels gently curve up at the back and attach to the chair back posts which flow to the floor. The Key Largo is available with optional casters.

Outside Width 23.75"
Outside Depth 26"
Outside Height 34"
Seat Height 20.5" (Handcrafted product dimensions will vary)
Arm Height 25.75" (At the front of the arm)
COM 2.25 yards of plain 54" fabric

Key Largo Collection