Jasper Arm Chair

The Jasper chair is a modern open barrel back dining chair with exquisite upholstery details. Notice the chair back and arms are all one piece. The arms and back gently arch from the front of the chair to the top of the chair back. The arms and gently curved back are accentuated with a top border that is welted both inside and out. The opening between the chair back and seat give the appearance that the back is floating over the seat. Looking at the tightly upholstered seat, note it is bordered on all sides and framed with welt on the top and the bottom. The back of the seat has the same gentle curve as the chair back. Another unique detail to the Jasper chair is the rear tapered legs are chamfered at the outer side so as to keep the flow of the gentle curve of the seat. Straight tapered front legs complete this beautiful modern chair

Outside Width 23"
Outside Depth 23.5"
Outside Height 32"
Seat Height 20.5" at crown - (Handcrafted product dimensions will vary)
Arm Height 24" at front of arm
COM 3.25 yards plain 54" fabric