Blanchard Bar Height Stool

The Blanchard dining stool is a beautiful stool that combines the warmth of exposed wood with the softness of upholstery. The exposed wood top rail is scooped in the center. The exposed wood flows across the top of the stool, and down the sides to frame the outside of the tightly upholstered seat. The inside back upholstery is framed by an inset welt. The outside back upholstery wraps around the back of the stool back posts and covers the outer sides underneath the disappearing arm. The outside back upholstery is also framed with inset welt. The Blanchard upholstered seat features sinuous wire springs and is attached to the exposed wood base by memory swivel. The exposed wood base has tapered legs with stretchers that are between the front and back leg posts on all sides. A metal kick plate, available in three finishes, is centered on the front stretcher., The stool is shown in a solid quilted linen blend fabric in a putty grey color, Tudor standard finish and brushed aluminum kick plate. In combining exposed wood with the upholstery on this stool, the elements not only give beauty and warmth to the stool; the wood also adds a functional element that can help protect the fabric when handling the stool. The Blanchard dining stool is available in both counter and bar heights.

Outside Width 18"
Outside Depth 22"
Outside Height 46.5"
Seat Height 32" at crown - (Handcrafted product dimensions will vary)
COM 3 yards plain 54" fabric