Westmoreland Side Chair

The Westmoreland chair features elements that are both beautifully decorative and highly functional. This beautifully scaled chair is transitional in style. The chair back, with curved top rail, is sleek and thin. As your eye flows through this curve, you see a delicately carved, exposed wood handle in the center back of the chair. This handle is not just decorative, but functional allowing an ease of movement to pull the chair from the table. The chair’s back flares slightly from the tightly upholstered seat to the top of the back.

04-3636 - Westmoreland side with front leg casters

Contact bsturdivant@designmasterfurn.com for a Price Quote

Contact sales@designmasterfurn.com for a Price Quote
Outside Width 21"
Outside Depth 25.5"
Outside Height 38.5"
Seat Height 20.5" at crown - (Handcrafted product dimensions will vary)
COM 2.5 yards plain 54" fabric