Furniture Care

Wood Care

  • Do not expose to intense sunlight, for long exposure to this can cause the color of the wood to change.
  • Dust your furniture often.
  • When cleaning with furniture polish, make sure that it does not contain wax. Wax polishes often produce a film build-up that will actually attract more dust, smoke, etc.
  • Do not use a solvent such as disinfectant to clean the wood surface.
  • Remove liquids from the wood surface at once by using a damp cloth and wiping in the direction of the grain.
  • To prevent surface damage, place a soft covering, such as leather or felt, under objects placed on top of your wooden furniture.
  • Small scratches or scuffs can be restored with a touch-up stick, available at any paint store

  • Cast Table Care

    • Do not use a solvent such as a glass cleaner to clean cast table bases.
    • Our Fossil Stone surfaces can be wiped with a damp rag.

    Maintaining Antique’s Reproductions Furniture

    • As a preference, we recommend using only high quality wax polishes with natural waxes or sprayed furniture polishes without waxy build-up.
    • You can treat your furniture regularly or when you detect that your furniture is losing sheen, luster or require some nurture or cleaning.
    • Furniture standing in dry environments requires care treatments more periodically.
    • When using natural waxes, light or neutral colors are suggested. The use of dark colors may alter the shape of your furniture.
    • Before applying any of these products, be sure that all surfaces are clean of dust, other materials and completely dry.
    • Use a soft cloth or brush to apply sparingly in small areas, following the grain of the wood when possible. For big surfaces, treat small areas at a time.
    • Control the amount of wax you apply on the furniture. It is more convenient to apply a second coat, repeating the whole process of treatment, than applying an excess of product initially.
    • Let the wax dry for a few minutes once it has been applied and the buff it to the desired sheen level. To increase the level of sheen and luster a second application is recommended.
    • When spraying, you do not need to let the product dry. Spray at least 8-10 inches from the surfaces and wipe promptly with a soft and clean cloth. Spray a thin mist, do not apply product in excess. Repeat process if needed.
    • Blot all spills immediately and keep solvents, alcohol, nail polish and other abrasive chemicals away from the furniture surfaces.
    • Do not leave wet glasses or containers on top of the furniture overnight. If a wet object has been sitting on the furniture, remove it from the surface and treat the furniture immediately as indicated above. Long exposures of wet objects on top of the furniture may cause irreversible damages in the finish of the furniture.
    • Avoid placing furniture in direct exposure to continual direct sunlight or elevated temperatures.
    • In case of doubt or for more questions, please refer to the directions of the manufacturer tags attached to the product itself.

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