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Why Veranda Dining?

For over 29 years, Designmaster has made the best dining chairs and dining stools for interior residential dining rooms, breakfast rooms, family rooms and kitchens. Now we offer our same style, comfort and quality in our outdoor room collection.

A major trend in home building today is the blending of indoor and outdoor family living areas. It is a response to a desire to create comfortable outdoor living spaces that are as functional and beautiful for entertaining as interior spaces.

Until recently, this was not practical. Now, astounding advances in home furnishings technology let homeowners have appliances and comfortable and durable furniture in outdoor areas that are an extension of the home’s interior decor, and this trend is the Number One “must have” in home building.

That’s why we created Veranda, a new dining collection of residentially-styled dining chairs and stools by Designmaster Furniture. The word “veranda” is a noun and means a large, open porch, roofed and partly enclosed, often extending across the front and sides of a house. Our Veranda Dining Collection has been developed to withstand the outdoor elements when used in covered outdoor areas.


Style - it is a visual thing. The dining chairs and stools in our Veranda Dining Collection feature some of our best-selling residential furniture with the addition of unique construction and materials to withstand indirect exposure to the outdoor elements. Experience the same great styling, good looks and wonderful proportions that you have come to expect from our dining chairs and dining stools.


Comfort – it is a seat thing and a back thing. Sit in any of our Designmaster chairs or stools, experience the superior comfort, and enjoy being spoiled forever. Veranda features the same commitment to comfort while withstanding indirect exposure to the outdoor elements.