Kendall Side Chair

The Kendall dining chair is a side chair with the same mid-century modern design details as the Kendall Dining stool. The chair is 30 1/2″ high with a low, upholstered back that is rectangular in shape. The boxed welt detail on the front of the back upholstery accentuates the chair’s back rectangular shape. When sitting in the chair, the small of your back is comfortably cradled because of the gentle, curved inside back rail detail and shaped inside back foam. In viewing the chair’s side profile, you see the curved back posts that flow down behind the tight seat upholstery and meet exposed wood seat rails. The exposed wood seat rails surround the upholstered seat on all four sides and tapered leg osts flow from these seat rails to the floor.

Outside Width 20"
Outside Depth 23"
Outside Height 30.5"
Seat Height 20.5" at crown - (Handcrafted product dimensions will vary)
COM 1.75 yards plain 54" fabric