9041-50 - Red



9041-50 - Red

Grade: Leather 2

Contents: 100% Leather

Passes: Approved for Commercial use

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  • Pigmented leather with protective wax topcoat
  • Aniline drum dyed
  • Natural leather look without natural leather concerns
  • Appearance of wax crackle aniline leather
  • Protective topcoat reduces scratching, fading, color variation, and gives resistance to staining
  • Natural markings are the beauty marks of authentic leather and are not defects. healed cars and insect bite markings are a part of authentic leather on furniture pieces
  • Made with South American hides

Care and Cleaning:

  • Periodically wipe with a clean, white soft, dry cloth to prevent dust build up
  • For spots or spills, gently blot excess liquids with soft, absorbent cloth
  • For spots needing extra attention, use a damp cloth (distilled water). Blot excess with a white, soft, dry cloth and allow to air dry.
  • Never use other cleaning products such as solvents, saddle soaps, stain removers, shoe or furniture polish.
  • Sunlight and heat can and will cause fading and drying of leather. Leather furniture should not be placed where they are exposed to these elements.
The fabric samples on this website and in our product literature have been reproduced as accurately as photographic and printing technology will allow. Individual monitors and printers will alter the appearance of color and texture. Exact color matches are not guaranteed. Designmaster is not responsible for any scanning or typographical errors. For the most accurate representation of our fabrics, please visit a local Designmaster Furniture dealer.
Grade Leather 2
Cut Type Full Hide

About Performance Leather

  • Durable
  • Protective wax top coat that prevents scratching and staining
  • Stain resistant

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