Shipping Time

What is Designmaster’s shipping time?

  • Once we have all the information we need, your order is credit approved, and all materials are on hand, your order will be in our warehouse, ready to ship, in 30 business days.

When does the clock start on the 30 business days?

  • Not until your order is actually scheduled, which means we have all the information we need, the order is credit approved we have all  materials on hand and we have the production capacity.

What if I am a brand new dealer, when will my first order ship?

  • Once we get you set up in our system, get all the order information we need, get credit approval, have all materials on hand and have the production capacity.  It is our experience that all of this takes about eight (8) weeks.

What if my order has many lines of product?

  • Orders with many lines can take longer to have all of the materials on hand.  Split shipping can be a reasonable solution if we are waiting for a particular material. We would encourage you to mark these many-line orders “OK to Split Ship” in order to get you most of your order sooner rather than later.

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