Ribbon Applique


Dress up Designmaster dining chairs with the addition of a Ribbon Applique to the inside back, seat, or skirt.  Use this application on one area or all three to create a beautiful statement for you dining room.  The French grosgrain ribbon is available in 3 colors – Offwhite, Bisque or Black.  C>O>M> ribbon can also be used.



Madera Ribbon App Madera 01-382 Side Chair.  Shown in 1507-65, Offwhite Ribbon


Marietta with Ribbon app  Marietta 01-588 Side Chair.  Fabric shown is discontinued.  Black Ribbon


Chandler with Ribbon App  Chandler 01-254 Side Chair. Shown in 1635-75, Offwhite Ribbon


Ribbon Colors



Ribbon applique is priced per each area of the chair where applied – inside back, seat or skirt.  Pricing is given in the price list inthe options pricing for each chair where available.



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