Novasuede™ Collection


The Novasuede samples on this website and in our product literature have been reproduced as accurately as photographic and printing technology will allow. Individual monitors and printers will alter the appearance of color and texture. Exact color matches are not guaranteed. Designmaster Furniture is not responsible for any scanning or typographical errors. For the most accurate representation of our Novasuedes, please visit a local Designmaster Furniture dealer.




Novasuede 30-T3T1W

Novasuede 30-T3SCW

Novasuede 30-T3SAW

Novasuede 30-T3S9W

Novasuede 30-T3S8W

Novasuede 30-T3S5W

Novasuede 30-T3S4W

Novasuede 30-T3S3W

Novasuede 30-T3S2W

Novasuede 30-T3S1W

Novasuede 30-T3R8W

Novasuede 30-T3R4W

Novasuede 30-T3R2W

Novasuede 30-T3Q6W

Novasuede 30-T3Q5W

Novasuede 30-T3Q4W

Novasuede 30-T3Q3W

Novasuede 30-T3Q2W

Novasuede 30-T3Q1W

Novasuede 30-T3PMW

Novasuede 30-T3PJW

Novasuede 30-T3PIW

Novasuede 30-T3PHW

Novasuede 30-T3PGW

Novasuede 30-T3PFW

Novasuede 30-T3PEW

Novasuede 30-T3PDW

Novasuede 30-T3PCW

Novasuede 30-T3PBW

Novasuede 30-T3P9W

Novasuede 30-T3P8W

Novasuede 30-T3P7W

Novasuede 30-T3P6W

Novasuede 30-T3P5W

Novasuede 30-T3P4W

Novasuede 30-T3P3W

Novasuede 30-T3P2W

Novasuede 30-T3P1W

Novasuede 30-T3P0W

Novasuede 30-T3O3W

Novasuede 30-T3O2W

Novasuede 30-T3O1W

Novasuede 30-T3NCW

Novasuede 30-T3NBW

Novasuede 30-T3NAW

Novasuede 30-T3N9W

Novasuede 30-T3N7W

Novasuede 30-T3N6W

Novasuede 30-T3N5W

Novasuede 30-T3N4W

Novasuede 30-T3N3W

Novasuede 30-T3N2W

Novasuede 30-T3N1W

Novasuede 30-T3M6W

Novasuede 30-T3M2W

Novasuede 30-T3LLW

Novasuede 30-T3LCW

Novasuede 30-T3L9W

Novasuede 30-T3L6W

Novasuede 30-T3L4W

Novasuede 30-T3L3W

Novasuede 30-T3L2W

Novasuede 30-T3L1W

Novasuede 30-T3K8W

Novasuede 30-T3K7W

Novasuede 30-T3K6W

Novasuede 30-T3K5W

Novasuede 30-T3K4W

Novasuede 30-T3K3W

Novasuede 30-T3K2W

Novasuede 30-T3K1W

Novasuede 30-T3JAW

Novasuede 30-T3J9W

Novasuede 30-T3J8W

Novasuede 30-T3J6W

Novasuede 30-T3J5W

Novasuede 30-T3J4W

Novasuede 30-T3J3W

Novasuede 30-T3I8W

Novasuede 30-T3I5W

Novasuede 30-T3H6W

Novasuede 30-T3H5W

Novasuede 30-T3G1W

Novasuede 30-T3F6W

Novasuede 30-T3F4W

Novasuede 30-T3F3W

Novasuede 30-T3F2W

Novasuede 30-T3F1W

Novasuede 30-T3EAW

Novasuede 30-T3E8W

Novasuede 30-T3E7W

Novasuede 30-T3E5W

Novasuede 30-T3E4W

Novasuede 30-T3E3W

Novasuede 30-T3E2W

Novasuede 30-T3E1W

Novasuede 30-T3DRW

Novasuede 30-T3DQW

Novasuede 30-T3DHW

Novasuede 30-T3DFW

Novasuede 30-T3DEW

Novasuede 30-T3DDW

Novasuede 30-T3DCW

Novasuede 30-T3DAW

Novasuede 30-T3D9W

Novasuede 30-T3D8W

Novasuede 30-T3D7W

Novasuede 30-T3D6W

Novasuede 30-T3D5W

Novasuede 30-T3D4W

Novasuede 30-T3D3W

Novasuede 30-T3D2W

Novasuede 30-T3D1W

Novasuede 30-T3C6W

Novasuede 30-T3C5W

Novasuede 30-T3C3W

Novasuede 30-T3C2W

Novasuede 30-T3B1W

Novasuede 30-T3A1W

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