01-616 Electra
Side Chair

The Electra chair is a contemporary chair featuring beautiful, clear acrylic legs combined with a clean lined upholstered chair frame.  The acrylic legs are tapered and look like glass when sitting on the floor.  The acrylic material is delicate and sophisticated; yet, it is also sturdy and strong.  Special cleaning instructions, included with each chair, should be noted and followed to help keep the acrylic legs clear and beautiful for years to come.  The Electra chair is contemporary, glamorous and sophisticated.

*CARE INSTRUCTIONS – Acrylic is a very beautiful and delicate material which needs specific care in order to maintain its beauty.  DO NOT use Windex or any ammonia solution cleaning products, as these products will ruin the clarity of the acrylic and void any and all manufacturer warranty of these parts.  Use on a very soft, damp cloth (preferably Chamois cloth) when cleaning acrylic.  Do not use abrasive cleaning cloths as they will make fine lines in the acrylic material causing a cloudy appearance over time.

**Nail head options are not available on this style.

Electra Spec Sheet

COM Yardage Requirements

WARNING: California Dealers only

Dimensions (in inches):
Overall Height: 40
Overall Width: 21
Overall Depth: 25
Seat Height: 20.5 at crown - (Handcrafted product dimensions will vary)
COM: 2.5 yards plain 54 inch fabric