Consumer FAQs

This list of frequently asked questions is presented for general information purposes. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to Contact Us

Q: Can I order directly from Designmaster Furniture?

A: In order for you to receive the care you deserve in selecting, ordering, and receiving your furniture, it is necessary to go through an Authorized Designmaster Dealer.


Q: How do I see fabric samples?

A: Our retailers have a complete set of our fabric swatches that can be viewed in their store.


Q: What stores sell Designmaster Furniture?

A: By filling out the form in the Where to Buy section of our website, you will be contacted by someone from Designmaster who will point you toward an Authorized Designmaster Dealer in your area.


Q: Do you have a catalogue?

A: Yes, a complete catalogue can be seen at any retail store that sells Designmaster Furniture.


Q: What does Designmaster Furniture offer me over other manufacturers?

A: Designmaster Furniture offers you the opportunity to have beautiful, custom-made, comfortable dining chairs that go perfectly with your home decor. You pick the frame, fabric, and finish, along with a Designmaster table, to create the ideal look for your dining room. It’s that simple. And our quick delivery time means that you can have exactly what you want in a relatively short period of time. Being a specialist in dining furniture, we offer the best of construction detailed by skilled furniture craftsmen that gives you today’s style and fashion at an affordable price. Our tables and other dining pieces offer great style and value. We work with the best sources available to supply you with exceptional quality and value.


Q: What is the warranty on Designmaster products?

A: Designmaster manufactures a high-quality product made by skilled furniture craftsmen. We stand behind our product to be free of manufacturer defect. In the unlikely circumstance that you have a concern with the quality of our workmanship, we will take the proper measures to address your concern. The customary time frame for reporting concerns is one year. Upholstery fabric and table products may or may not be included in this statement due to the fact that we do not manufacture fabric or tables in our factory. We must work within those companies’ warranty limitations. Any concerns should be reported to the authorized Designmaster Furniture retailer you purchased our product through. The authorized retailer from whom you purchased our product has the most knowledge and experience to be of service in helping resolve any concerns you may have.


Q:  Is Designmaster Environmentally Compliant?

A:  Please see our Environmental Compliance section under Residential and Hospitality.


Q: I saw a Designmaster chair that I really liked, but I can’t find it on your website. How do I find it?

A: Due to the breadth of our dining line, we only show a limited view to our consumers to give them a taste of what we do. We really want you to see our product in person at one of our Authorized Designmaster Dealers. A complete catalogue is available for viewing our complete product line at any authorized Designmaster Furniture retail store.


Q: What is the delivery time on Designmaster products?

A: Designmaster Furniture is committed to ensuring that you receive your Designmaster product as quickly as possible. Given shipping and delivery to retailer houses, the retailer can best answer your questions regarding delivery of our furniture.


Q: Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns about my Designmaster purchase?

A: After you receive your Designmaster product, the authorized retailer from whom you purchased your furniture will answer any further questions you have.


Q: Who can I contact if I have a question that is not answered here?

A: Please contact the authorized Designmaster retailer in your area with questions, or feel free to e-mail us from the Contact Designmaster Furniture section of our website.


Q: Where is Designmaster Furniture located?

A: Designmaster Furniture is located in Hickory, North Carolina, in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


Q: How can I get a price for a Designmaster chair or table?

A: Your local Authorized Designmaster Dealer will be happy to quote any prices you may need on our product line.

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