Custom Monogram

The Designmaster Furniture Custom Monogram Program offers a way for the customer to personalize their purchase as family treasures!

Monogram Styles

We offer seven monogram style options with single letter and three letter designs, and two beautiful embroidery designs. Custom Styles may be possible by supplying original artwork and explicit instructions. Additional charges would apply.

Monogram Placement & Characteristics

Custom embroidery can be applied to either the inside or outside backs of most of our dining chairs and stools. Our chairs are dining chairs usually placed around a dining table. Most dining table top heights are 30 inches.

Custom embroidery designs applied to the inside back of our dining chairs are positioned on the chair to be seen a few inches above the table top. If the chair back is taller, the embroidery design will be further down from the top of the chair back. If the chair is shorter, the design will be closer to the top of the chair back. The 01-254 Chandler chairs used for the original program introduction are used as the standard setting for all other chairs.

The nonogram embroidery designs are slightly larger than the monogram designs. However, the design placement is done in the same fashion.

Custom embroidery applied to the outside backs of our chairs, in most cases, will be placed on the upper portion of the chair back at a height level similar to the front. Sometimes, the embroidery design will look more appealing if it is centered on the back of the chair.

To insure orders are made and shipped with consistent embroidery placement, we must determine the placement we believe is the most attractive on our chairs for their intended use. If a customer would like the monogram placed differently, the request can be accommodated at additional customization charges.

The script font we use is the most popular monogram script font called Diana Script. Script fonts have a cursive lean and may sometimes make the monogram appear off-center, when actually it is not. Please keep this in mind when specifying any of the script monogram selections.

Monogram Thread Colors

When selecting a custom monogram design, you also need to select a thread color. You may view an electronic version of the Madeira Thread Colors on our website, or a thread color chart can be ordered directly from Madeira at their stated charge. The Madeira Polyneon Thread Color Article #100-75 is the thread card needed for our monogram program.

Our embroidery company does not stock all colors of the Madeira thread. Please see the Stocked Thread Color List on our website for reference. In most cases, the colors not stocked are slight shade differences from the stocked colors. However, there are some fluorescent thread colors and metallic thread colors that are truly different.

If a customer wants to order a custom monogram or embroidery design in a Madeira thread color not stocked by the embroidery company, there will be an additional customization charge per chair. Call our customer service department for assistance on special custom pricing.

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