Crypton® Leather

Strasbourg side chairs (01-340) & Luxemberg arm chairs (01-425) in Crypton® leather 9037-80 (seat/welt) & 1746-50 (inside/outside back)

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Powered by Crypton only This top grain, aniline dyed leather features performance and beauty by combining the technology of Crypton® with layers of finishing oils that allow each color to glimmer to the surface.  A soft and silky hand and natural grain characteristics enhance the natural beauty of this product.  There is a color “Burst” when slight pressure is applied and the oils are redistributed.  This leather is bleach cleanable, antibacterial and stain resistant.  it is also environmentally friendly as it emits low VOC’s, contains no lead and is solvent free.  The stain release rating is 5 (excellent) for Wine, Coffee, and Ketchup type stains.


General Cleaning:

  • Dusting with a clean dry cloth is the recommended, routing cleaning method.  For sports and spills, wipe excess liquid immediately and allow to dry.  If necessary, use lukewarm water and mild non-detergent soap, or other water based cleaning agent, and work into a thin lather with a soft cloth, rinse with clean water and buff to restore luster.  Cleaners specifically designed for leather are suitable; however, avoid tetrachloride, isopropyl alcohol or other toxic chemicals.  Before using most household cleaners, it is recommended you pretest in an inconspicuous are before proceeding to use them on the leather.
  • Leathers Powered by Crypton® may be cleaned with a 10% bleach solution.  This allows the removal of even the most difficult stains that would ruin non-Crypton® coated leather.  Wipe with damp cloth after cleaning with bleach solution.



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