Active Line®

Franklin side chairs (01-634) in Active Line® 1761-60 (in back & seat) with 1740-60 on the outside back and wing panels

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Destin side chair (01-478) in Active Line® 1761-85 and contrast welt 1761-10

active line logo Performance fabrics offer the same great properties as other well-known performance fabrics.  Active Line® is a low maintenance 100% polyester fabric that offers Stain Resistance, Breathability, Water and Oil Repellency, and is Antibacterial.


    • Frequently vacuum upholstery to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt.
    • Treat stains immediately.
    • Carefully work from the outside of the stain inwards to avoid spreading.
    • Soak up liquid by dabbing the fabric with a cotton or paper towel then wipe fabric with a dry cloth.
    • Dry stains should be brushed first with a dry towel and then dabbed with a damp cloth.  If necessary, a small amount of mild soap can be applied.
    • do not use harsh or common household cleaning solutions.

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